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Aachi Global School was born from a vision to elevate the entire school education process from teaching of facts to training the minds to explore, engage, excel and evolve.

Our school opened its door in 2016 at the heart of Chennai in Annanagar, quickly gaining acceptance and reputation as one of Chennai’s finest schools.



Our first campus is located in Anna Nagar. The second campus opened at Ayanambakkam in 2021. Irrespective of which campus you choose, you can be sure of the best-in-class education and development ambience to empower your child. Both campuses share the same vision of Aachi Global School including our guiding principles, administrative guidelines and fee structure.


Multiple Intelligence

At Aachi Global School, we firmly believe in the Theory of Multiple Intelligence proposed by well-known Harvard University Professor, Howard Gardner. This theory explains eight types of intelligences that every individual has the capacity to possess.

For example, while a child may be talented in a specific area, such as musical intelligence, he or she will most likely possess a range of other abilities too. This allows us to identify and nurture various strengths of each child and bring out the best in him or her.


Think Lab | Hi-Tech Library | Smart Class Rooms AI & Robotics Lab | Dance Studio | STEM | DL Art Lab | Table Tennis | Tennis Court | Music Lab Foot Ball Court | Basket Ball Court | Eco Park Cricket Court | Cafeteria | Volley Ball & add ons.

Hi-Tech Library

Chemistry Lab

Table Tennis

Carrom board



Robotic Lab


Next gen Tech Lab

Dance Studio

Regular Teacher
Training: Cambridge

Better teachers shape a brighter future for students. Keeping this in mind, we offer a comprehensive range of training and support to our teachers, to help them develop and update their professional skills.

Our teachers undergo regular Training Programs – face to face with Cambridge School Authorities from the UK.

This in turn helps our students to grasp their subjects with better confidence and excel in the classroom – and life.



The IGCSE approach to teaching is to introduce the students to a variety of subjects and encourage them to make connections between them. IGCSE focuses on developing the students understanding, Skill and Knowledge in the following areas. The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is recognized by universities and institutes of higher education around the world. The Cambridge IGCSE provides a foundation for higher level programs, including A and AS levels.

This program provides broad knowledge and develops creative thinking, application orientation for the concepts and enquiry into every aspect of the learning. Good IGCSE grades c ount t owards entry t o t op universities and colleges in India and around the world. Study and examination at IGCSE provides a broad knowledge base and learning skills that offer excellent preparation for higher studies and employment.

Besides bein g t he most popular international qualifications worldwide, IGCSE subject curricula develops skills of communication, creativity, inquiry, research and problem solving.

At AGS Subject choices are offered across six areas of the IGCSE subjects. 7 subjects will be taught and it is m andatory.

6 Areas of IGCSE

Group 1: English Language
Group 2: Languages
Group 3: Humanities and Social Studies
Group 4: Sciences
Group 5: Mathematics
Group 6: Creative & Professional


Top Cambridge School in Chennai

The Cambridge IGCSE, AS & A Levels programs offered at Aachi Global School provide a thorough evaluation of student’s understanding and application of knowledge. The program incorporates a variety of assessment methods, including written examinations, oral tests, and practical assessments, offering a comprehensive measure of our students’ academic capabilities. AGS is undoubtedly the best Cambridge syllabus school in chennai for your ward’s bright future.           

Mr. Sebastian

Best International Board School in Chennai

Choosing Aachi Global School for our child’s education, specifically in the Cambridge IGCSE grade, has been the best decision for our child’s future. We are amazed by the remarkable growth we’ve witnessed in our child’s cognitive development and social abilities to confidently face the challenges of the outside world. We are delighted to see our ward grow in a nurturing and impactful educational environment at the best IGCSE school in Chennai.

Mrs. Swetha

Excellent Teaching

The innovative teaching methodology adopted by Aachi is splendour. The faculties are well-versed in the teaching of CAIE and IGCSE curricula by employing interactive and experiential methods. AGS sets the standard for the best international schools in chennai, fostering a love for learning, nurturing young minds and empowering them with the skills needed for an ever-evolving world.                                           

Mr. Immanuel

Top IGCSE School in Chennai

Kudos to Aachi Global School for setting the standard in infrastructure excellence. The well-maintained and spacious campus featuring advanced laboratories, vast libraries, and playground areas makes AGS, the top IGCSE school in Chennai with benchmarking facilities. I highly recommend Aachi Global School to parents seeking an institution with exceptional facilities for their child’s growth and development.

Mr. Sundaresan

Best Cambridge International School in Chennai

Aachi Global School in Chennai is undeniably the best international school in Chennai!  As a parent, I am thoroughly impressed with the outstanding academic programs and global exposure provided to students. The IGCSE curriculum’s emphasis on critical thinking, problem-solving, and practical application of knowledge sets Aachi Global School apart from the rest.                       

Mrs. Kaviyarasi

Engaging Learning Sessions

We are grateful for the nurturing environment at Aachi Global School. The CBSE curriculum is delivered with enthusiasm and expertise, making learning engaging for my child. AGS is one of the best top CBSE-affiliated schools in Chennai for the school’s commitment to academic excellence and the overall development of my child.

Ms. Sripriya

Perfect for CBSE

Aachi Global School has exceeded our expectations in providing a high-quality CBSE education. The curriculum is dynamic, keeping pace with modern educational standards. The school’s commitment to fostering creativity and critical thinking has significantly contributed to our child’s growth and confidence. 

Ms. Nalini

Wonderful CBSE Curriculum

Choosing Aachi Global School for CBSE for our child’s education was one of the best decisions we made. The curriculum, combined with the strong emphasis on character development makes it one of the top CBSE-affiliated schools in Chennai. The supportive environment and caring staff have positively impacted our child’s academic journey.

Mr. Naidu

Top Quality Education

We are delighted with the personalised attention our child receives at Aachi Global School. It is hands down one of the best CBSE-affiliated schools in Chennai as it seamlessly integrates innovative teaching methods, providing a solid foundation for future success. The school’s commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals truly sets it apart.

Mr. Kumara Vel

Best School for CBSE

Aachi Global School has been an exceptional choice for our child’s education. It is one of the best CBSE schools in Chennai that fosters academic excellence and holistic development. The dedicated faculty, state-of-the-art facilities and their commitment to fostering creativity and critical thinking significantly contribute to our children’s growth.

Ms. Shanti

Good Future

The school gives me great joy because they introduced robotics in their classes which made my son so interested that started studying about them after his school hours. AGS is always one step ahead of all the other schools in the city.This is the best international school in chennai.


Best school in Chennai

As a parent, Aachi global school is the best preschool for kids. My daughter is doing her kg for past 5 weeks, I felt great changes in her attitude and language in the second week itself. They provide individual attention to each kid and promote an open platform for parent teachers meeting.

Nandhini bala

Our Rankings and Recognitions

“Times of India Award”
“Best School in Chennai 2023”
“Best Preschool 2023”
“Top Emerging School – International 2023”
Times Education Icons – 2023 (Top School International – Overall)
Times Education Icons – 2023 (Emerging School – International)

Child-Friendly Equipment’s

Child-friendly Comfort ensures the safety of the kids and encourages them to play in a safe environment

Child-friendly Comfort ensures the safety of the kids and encourages them to play in a safe environment

Interactive Based Learning

IBL helps engage kids with the
materials to a real-world
approach to education

IBL helps engage kids with the materials to a real-world approach to education

Real Time Education

RTE provides real-time exposure to
kids to enhance their learning in
a visualized method

RTE provides real-time exposure to kids to enhance their learning in a visualized method